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The Biggest Green Web3 Summit of the Year!

The digitalization of our world is pacing along at a swift speed as the Web3 industry is undergoing a dramatic revolution. Surging demand for digital assets and currencies, NFT’s Web3 and accelerating adoption of blockchain-based solutions have highlighted a key significant issue: the technology's growing energy consumption and its severe global impact on our climate.
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, the metaverse and blockchain are just some of the technologies transforming everything from healthcare to banking across our planet.
World Web3 Forum presents a global summit of visionaries and leaders in business, policy, and beyond to unite to share ideas, collaborate, and problem solve for a positive, sustainable and greener future.
The summit is powered by India Blockchain Alliance (IBA) as the official Knowledge Partner.
We create a community of like-minded people, thought leaders and visionaries. Together, we can shape the world of tomorrow.

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Summit will go LIVE on 5th - 6th May 2023


Global Advisors

Founder & CEO - Infinity-Metaverse

Former UN Global Expert in Metaverse and Blockchain

Founder & CEO - India Blockchain Alliance

Web3, Blockchain and NFT Consultant - Ettaverse Ltd

Founder & MD - Meta Chasers

Chief Growth Officer - Agora World

Co-founder, VP of Metaverse Research - Kabuni

The Global Head of Business Consultancy & Head of AsiaPacific Chapter - AllStarsWomen DAO

Founder, Director, Chief Metaverse Officer - VNCCII Pty Ltd

Chief Cyber Officer (CCO) - Ex United Nations

Senior Principal-LTI, Head Web3 Incubation

CEO, Staelthio

Founder & CEO - NexBloc

Founder, Findexable

Founder, DASI

Founder, Afoma

Founder, Shefanpro

Co-founder - AISIA

Head Partnerships - Eve Exchange

Chief Operating Officer - SEA

Advisor - Bridge Venture Fund

Managing Director & Co-Founder - ATechnos

Mentor - NITI Aayog, Co Founder - Abhay Ventures, Ex CEO - Apollo Hospitals Preventive Health

Co-founder & CEO - Almond Solutions

Co-Founder & CEO - Zeeve

Expected Speakers

Finance Minister - Goverment of India

G20 Sherpa - Goverment of India

Union Cabinet Minister for Environment, Forest & Climate changes - Government of India

Ministry of Power - Goverment of India

Ministries of Women and Child Development and Minister of Minority Affairs - Goverment of India

Minister of State for Food Processing Industries and Jal Shakti India

Minister of Earth Sciences - Goverment of India

Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas and Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs - Goverment of India

Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas - Goverment of India

Key Topics

  • ligning the future of computing with the future of the climate & energy, exploring Blockchain & IoT in Energy & Utilities for energy management & optimal efficiency

  • Energy & Utilities moving from Transmission to Transition – Understanding how technology is enabling alternative energies improve efficiency

  • Metaverse in Energy – exploring the possibilities, speculations & applications of Metaverse in Energy facilitating asset maintenance & ease of business

  • CSR, Sustainability and ESG Integration

  • Driving innovation in the Energy & Utilities sector – Learning from an expert how Digital Twins can make the industry more resilient?

  • Digitizing MRV: Ensuring Quality, Avoiding Fakery, and Creating Transparency

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